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Robust Accounting and Monitoring Solutions for the Security Alarm Industry

Micro Key Solutions delivers user-friendly, seamlessly integrated accounting, service, and central station monitoring software that centralizes your data, integrates service tracking, and streamlines operator communications. We offer better solutions, made easy!

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What We Offer

Streamline Your Accounting and Operations

Accounting Graphical Elements - Spreadsheet, calculator, credit card, calendar

Smarter Accounting Solutions for Alarm Dealers

We offer the only single-point entry platform for alarm dealer software solutions that work cohesively for your business with features like automated recurring billing, integrated service scheduling and tracking, and much more!

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Alarm Monitoring Automation Solutions Made Easy

Our cutting-edge, technologically advanced alarm monitoring software, which features single-point entry and an easy-to-use interface, offers your business improved efficiency, stronger customer focus and higher profitability.

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A Leader in Security Alarm Industry Software

Since 1985, Micro Key Solutions has offered the most innovative, user-friendly software solutions designed exclusively for the security alarm industry. We support over 4,000 customers in 43 countries with our robust central station, service and accounting software. Partner with us today, and take your business to the next level!

Customer Stories

Discover the competitive edge our industry-specific software gives to countless businesses like yours. Find out directly from our customers what makes us a global alarm industry leader.

I've been using Micro Key Solutions for 15 years, and the software's evolving features have helped advance our company to triple the size. The software is user friendly, so it's easy to learn. Micro Key has the best tech support, bar none. All the support technicians are knowledgeable, patient and willing to help to resolve a problem no matter what it takes.


Ease of billing and cloud service is so convenient as well as being able to log in from even home computers for working from home. Customer service is fantastic!


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