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More than just accounting!
All-in-one Business Management Solution

The automation solution your alarm company needs to enhance operational efficiency and boost productivity to new heights. AutoBiller Plus is a seamlessly integrated, single-point of entry platform that provides you with the tools needed to manage every aspect of your business’s financials. A cutting-edge business management software designed specifically for the security alarm industry to simplify, automate, and optimize processes and operations.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Use Automation to Streamline your Processes, Save Time, and Make Informed Financial Decisions

Powerful Accounting Package

Find out more about how Micro Key Solutions can customize our robust software solutions exactly to fit your specific alarm business needs at the most competitive pricing in the entire industry.

Integrated Service & Scheduling

Enable your service technicians to access their service tickets electronically and manage every aspect of a ticket from the road. From viewing each customer’s service history to processing credit cards, improve your technician’s service speed and accuracy with this integrated mobile application. This will allow you to eliminate paperwork, reduce data entry, and boost overall efficiency in customer interactions.

Live Support 24/7/365

Our commitment to providing powerful ongoing training is one of the main reasons you will love partnering with our highly trained team of experts. We’ll regularly work toward helping you fully utilize all the robust software solutions we develop, so you’ll become a stronger and more profitable company.

What We Offer

Highly versatile, fully scalable, and customizable solutions for companies of all sizes. Featuring:

Recurring Billing

The Original Set it, Forget it and Collect it. Effortlessly streamline your recurring billing and overall accounts receivable processes. Run your billing each month with one click!

Payment Portal

Your customers are looking for an efficient, convenient payment experience. Micro Key’s online customer payment portal provides that and we’ve taken it one step further with the addition of a “One Time Pay” feature - a quick and convenient guest checkout!

Sales CRM

Organize and manage your leads, opportunities and customer interactions in one powerful platform. Streamline your sales process, track communication history and close deals faster with our intuitive Sales CRM solution.

Virtual Assistant

Utilize our Virtual Assistant for automated communication and notifications. Reach out to your customers effortlessly through email, text or calls with personalized messaging.

Accounts Payable

Easily maintain your invoices, debts owed, purchases and more. Our month-end analysis reports will help you stay informed about your total financial picture.

Field-Service Management

Digitally transform your field service business operations, processes and workflows! Your Techs can manage every aspect of a ticket on the go with our app, TechPro, which is seamlessly integrated into your database.

Inventory Tracking and Job Costing

Manage jobs through completion as well as record costs for labor, inventory, materials and any other expenses. Enjoy an array of robust reports!

Customizable Dashboard

Track your business performance at a glance with a customizable dashboard. Display information tailored to your job responsibilities. See information the way you want to see it.

Fast, Accurate Invoicing

Manage your invoices and payments with ease. Increase your cash flow by invoicing customers faster and more accurately. Use automation to make billing customers a breeze.

Smart Service Scheduling

Manage service appointments and scheduling from start to finish, as well as all the details in-between.


Comprehensive reporting tools give you a detailed snapshot of the status and financial health of your business. Run specific reports to get the information you need using custom fields to make the most informed business decisions.

On Premises or Cloud Hosted

Choose the hosting option that suits your business needs. Whether you prefer the flexibility of cloud hosting or the control of an on-premises solution, Micro Key offers both to ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Micro Key Solutions a better option than other software providers?

    Micro Key Solutions offers the best software solutions exclusively designed for the security alarm industry. We provide the only true single-point-of-entry platform within the industry, enabling you to automate operations and simplify training.

  • What are the benefits of AutoBiller Plus?

    AutoBiller Plus streamlines your business operations by eliminating duplicate data entry and the need to run multiple programs or third-party add-ons. With AutoBiller Plus, you’ll save time, cut payroll costs, and never miss payments again!

  • Do you offer support for your products?

    Absolutely! Our experienced in-house support professionals are knowledgeable, sensitive to overall business demands, and quickly adapt to your changing needs. Support Central Techs provide a quality-driven support experience that asserts our commitment to resolving customer challenges.

Customer Stories

Discover the competitive edge our industry-specific software gives to countless businesses like yours. Find out directly from our customers what makes us a global alarm industry leader.

Micro Key has made our business so much better. More organized and simplistic. We can keep our clients' information all in one spot and are able to run accurate reports daily. The user-friendly software makes it easy for anyone to navigate through.


Ease of billing and cloud service is so convenient as well as being able to log in from even home computers for working from home. Customer service is fantastic!