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At Micro Key Solutions, we take pride in offering the most advanced accounting, service and central station monitoring software available. Browse the Micro Key Solutions press room below for the most up-to-date news, company details, spotlights on new product launches, information on the Micro Key Solutions leadership team and much more.

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Courtney Wagner
Marketing Specialist

Press Releases

  • World Connect Explainer Video

    Micro Key Solutions’ World Connect is a robust open API that unlocks limitless opportunities of development. Add features and solutions as technology evolves at a rapid pace. Define the subscriber experience that represents your brand.

  • Micro Key Solutions Launches MKSynergy: The Link to Success for Alarm Dealers


    October 1, 2020: Micro Key Solutions has proudly announced the launch of an all-new program called MKSynergy. Micro
    Key Solutions, an established leader in the security industry, has launched MKSynergy as the ultimate ‘link’ to an Alarm
    Dealers’ success. The program was developed to help alarm dealers save time and money. MKSynergy was created
    specifically for alarm dealers, allowing them to seamlessly connect their accounting and service solution with their
    monitoring center.

    “We designed MKSynergy to bridge the gap between uncooperative systems, and to seamlessly connect all of what is
    going on inside of your business with your central station.” Said Micro Key Solutions’ President Victoria Ferro, while
    explaining MKSynergy and its functions. “There are many black holes created by running multiple systems that aren’t
    linked such as duplicate data entry and costly errors… and this new technologically advanced solution has been created
    to solve all such problems.” She added.

    Synergies enhance businesses by achieving a sum that is more valuable than its individual parts. MKSynergy connects an
    Alarm Dealers’ two most important business products. “The primary goal of our program is to achieve synergy to increase
    productivity and profitability for our valuable customers, and to increase the value of their company.” Said Victoria, while
    talking about the aim of this new program. One program means entering data only once. Saving time and money will
    ultimately enable businesses to provide better services to their clients.

    Micro Key has partnered with several Wholesale Central Station monitoring centers and the list is still growing.

    For more information, please visit the website at:

    Or watch a YouTube video explaining the program by clicking the link below:

  • Wayne Torrens Returns to Micro Key to Lead the Technical Direction of the Team

    Founder of Micro Key Solutions, Wayne Torrens returns to lead the technical direction of the company.

    Micro Key Solutions, a leading provider in central station and accounting software since 1985, welcomes
    the company founder Wayne Torrens, back to the team full time. Torrens will lead the technological
    direction of the company after taking a leave of absence to undergo an experimental Multiple Sclerosis
    treatment with Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.

    Wayne Torrens was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis quite a few years ago. Over time, the disease
    wore him down, and he felt that he could no longer directly lead his company daily.

    In January 2017, Torrens and Northwestern University began an experimental treatment plan to combat
    the progressing M.S. The experiment included monthly chemotherapy treatments to get rid of
    inflammation in his CNS (Central Nervous System) that could not be seen with current MRI technology.
    This inflammation causes symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue and many others.

    Each month’s treatment consisted of three consecutive days. A combination of a steroid infusion and
    chemotherapy had Torrens in bed for about six days to follow. With determination, Wayne would use
    the next three weeks of the month to build strength for the next round of treatment, and his pattern
    would repeat each time.

    Upon completion of the treatment set, Wayne Torrens took six months to recover and even began
    working with a personal trainer to gain his strength back. Fast forward two years, Wayne Torrens has
    been feeling significantly better than before and is actively enjoying spending time with his family.

    “Six months ago, I was asked by my development team to help out with a few things at the office. After
    a few 12-hour days in the office and still feeling energized, I realized my passion for the industry and our
    customers was back with a vengeance. Coming back became an easy decision, especially with the fact
    that many central stations and alarm dealers are feeling abandoned by their current software
    providers. It really gives me joy to help companies be more efficient, which in turn makes them more
    profitable,” says Wayne Torrens.

    Wayne Torrens along with the Micro Key Solutions team plans to continue to create cost-effective
    solutions for partners and potential clients that are second to none in the alarm industry and
    beyond. Micro Key Solutions will be concentrating on releasing more Cloud-Based Solutions that will
    continue to increase efficiency for our clients including a new Central Station Operator Interface, as well
    as many back-office solutions in the future.

  • Micro Key Solutions is Leading the Industry in Data Protection

    Micro Key Solutions, a leading provider in central station and accounting software, releases an
    enhanced version of their backup and continuity service offering product, Micro Vault.

    With the threats of cyber-attacks continuing to evolve, the security industry is constantly in
    search of products and services that can provide the highest level of protection for their
    customer databases.

    Micro Vault provides Micro Key customers a complete daily cloud backup and disaster recovery
    strategy that also includes a proprietary validation of the data. Unlike typical off-site and cloud
    backup products out there, Micro Key’s Rapid Recovery Option with Micro Vault Plus includes
    spinning up your company data into a secure Amazon Cloud server which eliminates down time
    and the need to wait for new hardware.

    During an emergency is not the time to know if your data is protected, and Micro Vault gives
    customers the peace of mind that their data is safe and recoverable no matter what.

    “In today’s world of data breaches and Ransomware causing tremendous losses of both time
    and money, you need to be sure that your Micro Key database is protected. With Micro Key’s
    Micro Vault, you can rest assured that your database contains no errors, is backed up in an
    encrypted format and in a secure off-site location in the case that your office infrastructure
    were to be compromised by one of these common occurrences. Your security is our
    responsibility with Micro Vault.” Says Micro Key’s Director of Cloud Services, Stephen Kovacsiss

    Micro Key recently enhanced the original offering to work in conjunction with their cloud for
    Rapid Recovery offerings. This validation and verification process is what differentiates this
    product from anything else in the industry.

  • Micro Key Solutions Becomes the First to Have CHeKT Integrated into Their Monitoring Automation Solution

    Kissimmee, FL – May 8, 2018. Micro Key Solutions and CHeKT are pleased to announce the
    completion and successful deployment of the integration between the Micro Key Solutions
    Monitoring platform and video monitoring from CHeKT. This seamless integration fully enables
    monitoring centers powered by Micro Key Solutions to leverage video verification from CHeKT
    with no additional software or equipment needed.

    “CHeKT brings a new simplistic approach to providing video monitoring at the protected premise
    by the professional integrator. The CHeKT Bridge pairs alarm panel zones and IP cameras or
    HD over coax recorders, presenting event and live-view video to CS operators in seconds,” says
    John Milliron, Vice President, CHeKT. When an alarm is triggered, Micro Key’s Millennium
    Monitoring software will receive that alarm, accompanied by live video footage of the event. The
    Millennium Monitoring platform will simply launch the CHeKT Monitoring portal automatically,
    requiring no extra steps to be taken by the operator. With CHeKT, your operators can see what
    triggered the alarm and provide visual verification to the client or the dispatch authority.

    “Honestly, this is monitored video like I’ve never seen in our industry! It’s simple, powerful and
    includes features that are ‘what’s been missing’ in the delivery of verified video solutions. We’re
    VERY excited to be the first to have CHeKT integrated into our monitoring automation solution.
    We are thrilled to offer this revenue opportunity to our customers. I’m excited to see customers
    continuing to add CHeKT monitoring and grow their own presence in the verified space,” says
    Micro Key Solutions Executive Vice President Chuck Speck.

    The use of CHeKT inside Micro Key Solutions Millennium Monitoring software provides an
    increased level of security to meet the demands of today’s markets.

    For more information on video monitoring from CHeKT, visit CHeKT’s Website.

    For more information on the Micro Key Solutions Monitoring platform, visit

    Courtney Wagner
    Micro Key Solutions

  • MKS Hires Chuck Speck as New Executive VP

    Earlier this month, MKS (Micro Key Solutions), a leader in monitoring and back office automation
    software, announced that industry-veteran Chuck Speck had joined the team to solidify a focus on
    growth and the Customer Experience. The role originated as a combination of Speck’s experience in
    business development in the software solutions’ space and MKS’ dynamic growth over the past two

    “I am thrilled that Chuck has joined our team,” emphasized Victoria Ferro, MKS President. “He brings
    experience and skills that will continuously improve and advance our mission of excellence in the
    customer experience. Our partners will feel his impact right away!” The addition of Speck to the
    executive leadership was designed to allow a greater degree of focus on key elements of the business
    while increasing a dedication to the customer.

    “I think the question I’ve gotten most has been ‘Why?’ both with my resignation from Bold Technologies
    and the joining of MKS. I’m certainly thankful for all of my time and continued relationships at Bold. As
    for the time afterward, Victoria’s proposal was truly exciting and presented me with a great opportunity
    to join MKS,” Speck said. “The strategic initiatives surrounding the growth of the product line, the
    services and the emphasis on partnering with the customer was such a great alignment with my
    experience, but more importantly with what I want to be a part of in a growing company.”

    Speck has spent 22 years in business development and organizational management with the past
    thirteen in the security industry in leadership at Bold Technologies. His passion for facilitating growth
    both within and outside an organization made the MKS hire a perfect fit. “I’ve always loved business
    development,” he explained. “Not just in the traditional sense of sales and growing market share, but a
    genuine focus on the infrastructure, processes and people within the business. I want to help create
    customers who are not only thrilled with the products and services, but become partners with you as a
    solution provider. That alignment was critical in where I wanted to end up and I was happy to find
    Victoria and MKS in that same alignment.”

    MKS has a number of strategic plans around the release of new Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud
    based solutions as well as continued enhancements to the unified back office and monitoring platform.
    “Given the drive for us to really create the top products in the industry, it’s time we expanded so that
    our executive leadership can dedicate efforts toward everything we have going on: product
    enhancements, delivering world-class service and new offerings, like the Cloud,” Ferro continued. “The
    last thing we wanted through all of this was better products but a lower quality of service to new and
    existing customers. Quite the opposite, we wanted to elevate ourselves to lead in that area!”
    Ferro will continue to dedicate efforts and direct the product development while setting the direction of
    the ‘MKS ship.’ Speck will concentrate on organizational leadership and the areas that effect the
    customer experience. Both work alongside a growing leadership team at MKS. Included in these
    initiatives will be the launch of SecurCloud, a full end-to-end customer Cloud option for monitoring
    centers. MKS has already released its back office product as a Cloud solution, and the demand has
    forced a move of the infrastructure to the Switch campus in Las Vegas – recently labeled as the Top
    Cloud Campus, ahead of Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google and the NSA. “The solution will set the
    standard,” Ferro confirmed, “and we’re excited to continue to grow our team to provide these types of
    offerings to our customers!”

Customer Stories

Discover the competitive edge our industry-specific software gives to countless businesses like yours. Find out directly from our customers what makes us a global alarm industry leader.

Micro Key has made our business so much better. More organized and simplistic. We can keep our clients' information all in one spot and are able to run accurate reports daily. The user-friendly software makes it easy for anyone to navigate through.


Ease of billing and cloud service is so convenient as well as being able to log in from even home computers for working from home. Customer service is fantastic!