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Micro Key Solutions and Innovative E-Pay Solutions Announce Integration Partnership

Micro Key Solutions and Innovative E-Pay Solutions are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership through which Real-Time Payment Integration will be made available to the Micro Key Solutions customer base.

This partnership brings several benefits that Micro Key’s Millennium Software Users will recognize including; real-time payments, compliance information, tools and education, and an enhanced overall recurring billing and accounts receivable process.

“We are beyond excited to welcome IES into the Micro Key Solutions suite of partnerships!” Said Victoria Ferro, President of Micro Key Solutions. “Micro Key is continuously looking to increase efficiency and provide our customers with the most advanced features. The technology provided by IES is what makes them a perfect match for our customers…and us! You can really tell they have customer centric values and have many years of experience in the merchant processing industry! We look forward to a successful partnership with IES.”

“We’ve worked with dozens of software providers and done dozens of integration implementations over the years.” Said Gary Adams, Owner/President of IES.  “Micro Key Solutions is one of those that quickly sets themselves apart by looking to implement enhanced functionality from the start. Our two companies share a mutual concern and desire to ensure that Micro Key Millennium users recognize all the reductions in time, errors, and overall costs that IES state of the art low-cost programs and systems are designed to provide.”

The IES management team has long been known and trusted by the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Community. Their experience of 40+ years and a track record that comes from 15 years dedicated to ARM and providing services to over 3500 merchant accounts, ensures you can be confident when choosing IES as your Payment Vendor. They have a unique understanding of Accounts Receivable Management needs, compliance, and client requirements.

“From our initial meeting, through the implementation process and go live, I was amazed by how smooth and quickly everything has come together.” Said Chuck Speck, Executive Vice President of Micro Key Solutions. “The fact that the collaboration between our project teams and launch has exceeded our targeted delivery date by 2 to 3 months, is a further testament of the cultural synergies and overall commitment recognized by this partnership.”

“We are excited to be working with such a like-minded, customer centric and forward-thinking company!” Said Jennifer Brummett, Vice President of Innovative E-Pay Solutions. “Our vision and approach for the customer experience are complementary in important ways. Through this collaboration, Micro Key Solutions Millennium software users will appreciate the introduction of real time payments integration, PayPoint product enhancement and the launch of the new “Set It and Forget It” billing feature will leave them asking “How did we function without this before?”  It’s been such a pleasure working alongside the talented development team at Micro Key Solutions.  We look forward to the ongoing collaboration and future product enhancements that evolve and develop in the years to come.”

Accounts Receivable Management companies such as Alarm monitoring providers and specifically those with the high-volumes associated with service and utility providers especially benefit from Payment Operations Automation.

Payment operations automation results in/provides:

  • Higher productivity
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Increased performance
  • Reduction in hours of staff labor, chance for errors and overall operating cost

Micro Key Solutions Millennium users specifically will recognize and appreciate:

  • Real-time payments
  • Streamlined processes
  • Enhanced Security
  • Simplified new customer onboarding processes
  • Increased Dealer Customer satisfaction and engagement through PayPoint access to account information, schedule service call, view invoices and bill payment


“The responsiveness of Innovative E-Pay Solutions, the clear and upfront pricing, and the timeliness of funding are all elements that will be very beneficial to our customers.” Said Joe Ligouri, CFO of Micro Key Solutions. “With the enhanced integration into our new set it & forget it billing, never having to leave our software to charge a credit card, and enhanced tokenized integration to adhere to PCI compliance standards… this is a major advancement!”


About Innovative E-Pay Solutions

Innovative E-Pay Solutions, Inc. (IES) provides credit card and check processing services for all types of businesses. Our merchants can accept all major credit cards as payment and can choose from every check protection service available in the market today. IES is a one-stop-shop, but not one size fits all.  Our solutions are tailored to your individual business model and needs. From the largest multinational corporations processing hundreds of thousands of transactions each month, to the smallest new, home-based, service, or E-commerce company, all IES clients are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism and receive the very best customer service available anywhere. The management of Innovative E-Pay Solutions has almost 40 years combined experience in the payment processing industry and has provided credit card and check services to thousands of businesses. To learn more about ARM Payment Solutions and Innovative E-Pay Solutions visit: