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Wayne Torrens Returns to Micro Key to Lead the Technical Direction of the Team

Micro Key Solutions, a leading provider in central station and accounting software since 1985, welcomes the company founder Wayne Torrens, back to the team full time. Torrens will lead the technological direction of the company after taking a leave of absence to undergo an experimental Multiple Sclerosis treatment with Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.

Wayne Torrens was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis quite a few years ago. Over time, the disease wore him down and he felt that he could no longer directly lead his company daily.

In January 2017, Torrens and Northwestern University began an experimental treatment plan to combat the progressing M.S. The experiment included monthly chemotherapy treatments to get rid of inflammation in his CNS (Central Nervous System) that could not be seen with current MRI technology. This inflammation causes symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, and many others.

Each month’s treatment consisted of three consecutive days. A combination of a steroid infusion and chemotherapy had Torrens in bed for about six days to follow. With determination, Wayne would use the next three weeks of the month to build strength for the next round of treatment and his pattern would repeat each time.

Upon completion of the treatment set, Wayne Torrens took six months to recover and even began working with a personal trainer to gain his strength back. Fast forward two years, Wayne Torrens has been feeling significantly better than before and is actively enjoying spending time with his family.

“Six months ago, I was asked by my development team to help out with a few things at the office. After a few 12-hour days in the office and still feeling energized, I realized my passion for the industry and our customers was back with a vengeance. Coming back became an easy decision especially with the fact that many Central Stations and Alarm Dealers are feeling abandoned by their current software providers. It really gives me joy to help companies be more efficient, which in turn makes them more profitable.” Says Wayne Torrens.

Wayne Torrens along with the Micro Key Solutions Team plans to continue to create cost-effective solutions for partners and potential clients that are second to none in the Alarm Industry and beyond. Micro Key Solutions will be concentrating on releasing more Cloud-Based Solutions that will continue to increase efficiency for our clients including a new Central Station Operator Interface, as well as many back-office solutions in the future.