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5 Advantages of Partnering with an Independently Owned Company

Independent businesses are where innovation happens – it’s where things move forward. Since most independent businesses are run by people – not by boards and not by stockholders … you get a different kind of care and quality in the output of both products and services.

1. Innovation, Innovation, Innovation!
Innovation brings new products and new ways of doing things. Independently owned businesses are often better suited to be more innovative than a larger organization.

Unlike a big business, a smaller business doesn’t have to spend a ton of time evaluating new ideas. Smaller independently owned businesses don’t have to wait for clearance of multiple departments to get the ball rolling. Independently owned businesses like Micro Key Solutions can develop and implement new ideas quickly as well as allocate all their resources to a new idea – shortening development time.

Get the latest and greatest when you partner with an independently owned business!

2. Customer Centricity
A tailored experience. Each and every customer is special when they do business with an independently owned company. The owners and employees have the passion and customer centricity that big businesses can’t compete with. A customer experience and service second to none! Independently owned businesses make real, personal connections with their customers/partners. From thoughtful advice to recommendations based on your specific needs… the personal touch can’t be matched by the ‘big guys’.

“Independent businesses feel like home.”

3. Quality is key
Smaller and independently owned businesses strive for higher quality products. With the ability to price products and services as they please, customers will find better quality products and services at better prices with independently owned partners over the big businesses. Instead of focusing on the next market to expand into or the next round of funding to raising, independently owned businesses are focusing on the details and being the best they can be.

Additionally, customer input is always welcomed and encouraged to create quality products to meet the exact needs of the buyer – after all, that’s what it’s all about!

4. Expertise
A smaller independently owned business is likely focused on a compact area making them the go-to company for a particular offering. A surprising number of big organizations have little idea what expertise they actually have, and they often don’t even know what their employees can do. An independently owned business strives to be the ‘go-to’ expert!

5. Flexibility with Changing Conditions
In life change is inevitable, in business change is vital. In the Security Industry, change is no stranger! Independently owned business operators have more flexibility to make swift, immediate and necessary changes essential to dealing with shifting conditions. The ability to respond quickly to market changes is a big advantage.

Micro Key Solutions continues to be committed to providing best in class integrated central station monitoring & back office management solutions in the alarm industry. Micro Key emerged as an industry leader in 1985 & continues on 34 years later. Still independently owned, customer-focused, & product-driven. Micro Key Solutions… there yesterday, today, & tomorrow as your partner in success.