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Four Triggers that Your Generic Accounting Software Is Failing Your Business

Running complex business processes across areas such as financial management, recurring revenue management, service tracking management, billing, inventory management, and more is not possible with a simple general ledger solution that does not support your entire company and business processes. Moving to a single, integrated MKS Millennium Management for Accounting & Service system is a better solution, but companies may not recognize signs that your current software is limiting the business due to manual processes, errors, and lack of real-time data and visibility to make important business decisions. Here are four red flags…

1. It’s Difficult to Find Out What’s Really Happening Across the Business in Real Time

Most generic accounting solutions were designed for an era when companies could wait until the end of the month to get the data they need. Today, that isn’t plausible. Consolidated views and up-to-the minute reporting can make the difference between thriving and barely surviving.

2. Manual Processes Are Used to Enter and Reconcile Data Across Systems 

In today’s networked world, it is frustrating for suppliers, customers, and business managers to wait for answers while information is manually transferred between systems. Incompatibilities between systems and imperfect integration have left employees manually copying data between systems.

3. Sales Are Lost Because Information Does Get Where It Is Needed Fast Enough 

The expected level of real- time responsiveness is impossible with generic limited desktop accounting systems. Growing businesses can’t expect to crawl along, while others fly at on-demand speed. Warning signs that reliance on a generic solution may be costing your business sales: Customer service declines due to lack of up-to-date information. Customer information can’t be easily collected or filtered for sales campaigns. Even though the company is sending out regular email campaigns, the sales team has no information about responses when they call prospects, and conversion rates are low.

4. More Accounting Is Done Outside Your Software Than In It

Most off-the-shelf account solutions were designed to automate a limited set of core accounting functions. In result, it limits how companies run operations. As your business grows, you must adapt their processes to fit the application, rather than vice versa. Some signals that your organization has reached your software’s limits: Finance staff members must use several different applications to do their jobs. As the firm’s finance needs have become more complex, the gaps have been filled with other software packages, Excel spreadsheets, or homegrown applications.

Four Triggers lead to One Solution: MKS Millennium Management Accounting & Service Software

Your accounting and service tracking software is the heart of your security alarm company. One missed detail can cost your company time, money and customer confidence. That’s why so many choose MKS Millennium Management software. With specially trained and experienced Business Development Representatives help you choose the modules your company needs to offer the best service possible. Each module fully integrates with existing Millennium software, allowing for seamless integration.

Don’t settle for inflexible software that forces you to adjust the way your company operates. MKS offers customized solutions that cater to your needs, instead of the other way around. We give you access to the products and services you need, when you need them. And the best part is that as your company grows, our Millennium Management products grow with you. With our customized support and array of products and services, we’ve helped many companies grow from emerging businesses to major operations over the course of 32 years using MKS software.