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New Product & Partnership with AvantGuard

Micro Key Solutions has announced the launch of an all-new program called MKSynergy in conjunction with an all-new partnership. Micro Key Solutions, an established leader in the security industry, has partnered up with AvantGuard — a premier provider of wholesale alarm monitoring, to provide Alarm Dealers with the ultimate ‘link to success.’ MKSynergy was developed to help alarm dealers save time and money. The program was created specifically for alarm dealers, allowing them to seamlessly connect their accounting and service solution directly to their AvantGuard Monitoring Center.

Micro Key Solutions’ President Victoria Ferro explained, “We designed MKSynergy to bridge the gap between uncooperative systems, and to seamlessly connect all of what is going on inside of your business with your central station. There are many black holes created by running multiple systems that aren’t linked such as duplicate data entry and costly errors… and this is a solution that has been created to solve all such problems.” She added, “We’re so excited to work with premier wholesale alarm monitoring centers like AvantGuard to bring tools like MKSynergy to their dealers. Both of the teams at Micro Key Solutions and AvantGuard take pride in utilizing the most advanced technologies to give alarm companies the tools they need to boost efficiency and ultimately profitability.” Troy Iverson, VP of Sales & Marketing at AvantGuard said, “Many of AvantGuard’s dealers use MKS for their accounting, service scheduling, inventory and CRM management. We are pleased to have completed our integration with MKS and Stages so our dealers will no longer be required to do double data entry. That means more efficient processes and less room for data entry errors. Victoria and her team at MKS have been great to work with.”

MKSynergy connects an Alarm Dealers’ two most important business products. “The primary goal of our program is to achieve synergy to increase productivity and profitability for our valuable customers, and to increase the value of your company.” Said Victoria, while talking about the aim of this new program. “It’s been a continued goal to make that dealer/monitoring center relationship a stronger one that allows for more sharing, collaboration and transparency. Our desire was to go beyond platforms and vendors and just focus on what’s best for the alarm companies,” said Ferro. “I think we’ve hit that mark with MKSynergy!”