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Top 4 Reasons Why Having an All-in-One Solution is Superior to Running Multiple Platforms

Using multiple business solutions and systems to run your alarm business results in inefficiencies across the board and within different departments. Perhaps the idea of committing to a full system seems overwhelming? An all-in-one software platform unifies critical business processes and helps alarm companies grow more rapidly and profitably. In today’s highly competitive business world, such technology can easily keep your business uplift to the fullest potential.

  1. Lower costs and no technical integrations needed – When piecing together multiple applications, you’re left spending a lot of time and money on integrating, maintaining, upgrading, and acquiring new versions of these applications.
  2. Get complete real-time visibility – Don’t make critical decisions in the dark! When running more than one software system that isn’t part of an integrated solution, you have multiple overlapping databases. Quick and easily access to a view of business performance isn’t an option. Countless hours are wasted trying to tie unrelated, error-prone and out-of-date information together.
  3. Efficient Workflow – If your employees wasting time navigating inefficient and disjointed processes, it not only increases errors, but it also takes time away from their more important core duties. Automating several processes by using an all-in-one solution will decrease the non-value-added activities needed to ensure your alarm business runs smoothly.
  4. Keep all data from all elements together – see it in action! Let us show you just how Micro Key Solutions provides the most superior, alarm industry-specific automation platform that does it all! Schedule a demo with an expert today!

Micro Key is the Security Industry leader in completely integrated Alarm Monitoring and Alarm Dealer software. Our solutions are tailored to your industry for the ultimate simplicity, scalability and cost savings.