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Elevate Customer Service with Intelligent Automation Features

‘Future-proof’ Your Software Solution

By: Victoria Ferro – President at Micro Key Solutions

Your monitoring software solution is mission-critical to your business. Evolve your monitoring station from the functional side of “just” processing signals to having a much stronger, customizable, connection with your subscriber’s lifestyles by incorporating automated technologies. Technology and automation are developing at a rapid pace and some new and relevant intelligent automation tools for monitoring stations include, Dealer Portals, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), SMS Texting, and BOT Technologies.

Studies show self-service creates happier customers. You know the old – this call could have been a text. Customers today are accustomed to receiving information in real-time, via notification without any human interaction. Not only are they accustomed to it, but they also expect it. On the flip side, when it comes to operational costs, technology creates an effective way to improve customer service. Intelligent automation does the heavy lifting of these tasks without an operational drain on resources. Intelligent automation of customer service will enhance or degrade customer loyalty to your brand and business.

Connect operational processes with customer experiences through intelligent automation methods. For example, send SMS Text or IVR messages to subscribers or dealers to communicate information regarding alarm events. Leverage technology to improve customer service by speeding up communications, increasing convenience for customers, and providing self-service options for subscribers while promoting nimble operations. Some benefits to your monitoring operation with intelligent automation include increased productivity, enhanced customer experience, reduced IT cost, reduced amount of errors, streamlined communication, and maintained consistency in your company’s tone and approach. Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

While all of this sounds like a no-brainer, you must be smart about your intelligent automation plans. You can have the best automation on the planet but if you are stuck without an intuitive system the result will be a poor customer experience. Look for platforms that offer complete integrations with your other business systems and the ability to provide real-time data across your business systems. The level of automated technology deployed will depend on the specific needs of the organization. Create a strategy that balances people, processes, and technology while focusing on the specific company, customer, and industry regulatory needs.

Plan and deploy a strong, standardized automation strategy. Evaluate customer experiences. Check-in with customer expectations. Review operational, customer, and industry needs on a scheduled basis. Revaluate or add features as technology evolves. Stay connected to upgrade and enhancements to your monitoring software solution and evaluate if and how they can be incorporated into your operational workflow or intelligent automation strategy.

Lastly, lean on your monitoring software provider to provide an intuitive solution for your operational staff and your customers. Imagine a workday where you could off-load all the “nuisance but necessary” calls and emails you have with customers and focus on those high-level, high-need issues that will still require your undivided attention.

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