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Congrats to Micro Key On-Air’s 1st Micro Key Superuser – Sheila Yates

Sheila Yates with Protection Systems Inc. was nominated by her manager, Chris. Chris describes Sheila as the go-to person for everything Micro Key. He says she’s a great asset who knows the program in and out to help them run their business. Sheila, congratulations for being our inaugural Micro Key Superuser featured on our Micro Key On-Air podcast Episode number 2!

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To nominate a Micro Key superuser in your office, simply send an email to Meredith Stone, Director of Micro Key University, at Please include a few sentences of how this person uses Micro Key to improve the efficiency and/or profitability of your business. Your superuser, if selected, will be featured on the Micro Key On-Air podcast, and your company logo and superuser featured here on our Micro Key blog. Nominate your superuser today!

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