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Newest Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode ft. Charles Read

Check out the newest Fiscal Fitness Podcast episode revealing tax best practices featuring guest, Charles J. Read, CPA. You may think that you don’t need a podcast on taxes, but he’ll make you think again! He’s a tax expert, a payroll company CEO, and an SMB fiscal fitness consultant. You can’t “afford” to miss this podcast.

Take a Listen: Micro Key On-Air: Fiscal Fitness Through Wise Accounting Decisions

For those of you who already listened, you know that he made a special offer to our listeners for a free copy of his book. Simply click here and use the Coupon Code of PODCAST to get your free copy – he even spots the shipping costs!

Charles will also be our panelist for a more in-depth look at effective accounting practices in our second Fiscal Fitness Webinar on August the 11th at 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Register here.