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Micro Key On-Air: How to Get “SELLected” – Highly Effective Sales Strategies and Tactics

One thing that can be difficult, but so worth the effort, is establishing a sales process that encourages potential customers to PULL in your products and services, instead of you having to PUSH your products and services to them. Merit Kahn, the President and founder of SELLect Sales Development coined this as being “SELLected”.

Is this something that sounds like it would be worthwhile to explore? What if we told you that you could learn more about it directly from Merit for free on our latest Micro Key On-Air Podcast?

If you’ve already listened to the podcast and found your way here to get a free resource and get in touch with our special podcast guest, Merit Kahn, look no further than her website at When you get to the site you will see a link in the bottom left to a free SWOT survey that will help you analyze where you are now and shows you where you can build a stronger sales process. Here is a direct link to The SWOT Survey. Set up a time to talk to Merit directly at Let’s Talk – Merit Kahn.

Don’t forget to add Micro Key On-Air to your favorite list on your podcast listening platform to stay tuned in to our latest episodes. We have some great expert guests in our line up!

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