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Product Updates

Credit Card Surcharge Feature Coming Soon to Millennium Management & Auto Biller Plus

Accepting payments via credit card through your Micro Key solution is easy. We understand that the fees add up. You may be looking to reduce the impact of credit card processing fees that your business accrues. We’re here to help.

The Micro Key Development Team is diligently working on an enhancement to our billing products. This quarter, a credit card surcharge feature will be added to our Millennium Management and Auto Biller Plus product lines. If your business resides in a state that is allowed by law to charge customers a surcharge for credit card payments, you will be able to add this feature to your solution.

Why might you consider adding a surcharge for credit card purchases/payments?
The bottom line is – surcharging may help your bottom line. While it is unlikely that you’ll be able to totally eliminate your credit card processing costs by adding surcharge/payment processing fees, you can still defray a large percentage of them.

If your business currently builds processing costs in to your prices, there is the possibility that surcharging will allow you to lower prices across the board. This, in turn, could make your business more competitive, especially if most of your customers pay with cash, check, or debit cards.

Interested in learning more about adding surcharging fees within our products?

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