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NEW FEATURE: PayPoint – One Time Pay


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Consider what your customers are looking for – an efficient, convenient payment experience…

Micro Key’s online customer payment portal PayPoint provides that … and we’ve taken it one step further with the addition of a “One Time Pay” feature! One Time Pay is a quick and convenient guest checkout. Logging in requires more commitment – and the sharing of your personal information. In exchange, you get convenience and a more personalized experience. We understand this might not be for everybody.

Customers want choices. They want to be able to pay invoices as a guest if they’re short on time or attention.

PayPoint’s ‘One Time Pay’ guest checkout feature benefits:

Simply put, its faster.

The process takes less time. Your customers aren’t required to create an account before paying their invoice – this omission reduces friction in the payment process and helps PayPoint users breeze through a one-time payment faster.

Lower Level of Commitment

Many customers remain hesitant to trust the internet with their credit card information. As a result, these users may be more likely to make their payments online if they aren’t required to create accounts – and store their information – before they pay.

Collecting payments online just got simpler.

Micro Key’s PayPoint portal is designed with you in mind. Our custom branded payment page allows you to get paid in the quickest ways possible.

Give your customers more ways to pay. Let’s have a conversation. Call us at 407.870.0040 or you can email us at